Any Open Source Alternatives?

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Post by Dolcedolce » 26 Oct 2013 2:57

Linux is open source operating system and it is best to use and it is free to use.

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Post by cathyz18 » 22 Nov 2018 8:50

jonni wrote:Hi,

Open Source Software is most importantly for some, free software. Its any software package which can be changed by any user for their own purposes and which is generally added to collaboratively with other developers Rachat de crédit immobilier. For the most part there are no support options bar your fellow devotees who write addons/upgrades and can be contacted through forums etc.

Theres a lot more to it than above but this is as succint as I can put it.

Linux and Apache are 2 good examples of open source.

PBS is an open source batch scheduler working off clustered unix
Theres also a professional version which is sold commercially

Another is funnily enough called open source job scheduler which
works with free db's and is written in java -

I havent used any of the open source so far as we run agents on VMS and there doesnt seem to be much out there from an Opensource perspective to support this (I might be wrong).
Cool ! I just installed linux on my computer and I would like to find some software that meet my expectations.

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Re: Any Open Source Alternatives?

Post by Gennyswiss » 02 Feb 2019 1:51

Will it help in iOS or MacOS?
Can I implement these in order to solve the error if I face while using my software?

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Re: Any Open Source Alternatives?

Post by samairahsethi » 08 Mar 2019 12:10

LINUX is the best open source operating system. Thank you.

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