Multiple Corba servers

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Multiple Corba servers

Post by ignign0kt » 13 Jan 2017 4:22

So if I have a primary and a backup Control-M servers...

The Corba server runs on the primary server, so I can point the Corba property to primary, and then select which server I want to log in to. But if the primary server goes down, how would I log in to the backup server if there is no Corba server running?

Could I not have a Corba service on both servers that include the names of both servers?

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Re: Multiple Corba servers

Post by fyot » 14 Jan 2017 10:00


Corba is used only between Control-M/EM server and its client.
So the best practice is to have two servers, one for the Control-M Server, and another one to the Control-M/EM server,
just to b sure EM clients will not impact Control-M engine performances.

Of course you can have another one to be Control-M backup server

Anyhow, there is no possibilities to define several corba severs.

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