ctm menu: command not found

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ctm menu: command not found

Post by Geordie » 23 Mar 2015 8:23


I need your help, because in my M Control server does not recognize the specific commands such as ctm_menu , shctm , ctmvar , ctmsys etc. if I try to run it directly from the route sends the following error:

ctmsys : fatal : libCTMDB.so : open failed : No such file or directory Killed

this is with any command.

so you have to acclimate the .cshrc file again and .controlm

but I do not know how.

user permissions are correct

Please urgent help, version control m is 6.4

by the way whit the user EM640 works fine any command

the computer is a solaris 10

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Re: ctm menu: command not found

Post by fafa1975 » 25 Mar 2015 4:48

Ho Geordie,
You lost the .cshrc and .controlm files. Or maybe the control-m server user cannot read them.
Check if they are in control-m server user directory and the the permissions.
Even send the output from the env command.
If the file are deleted you have to create them and put the right environment variables (PATH, LIBPATH, ORACLE_HOME etc).


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