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HOW TO : Be informed when o Control-M job failed, on your mobile.....?

Posted: 22 Jul 2017 11:59
by fyot
The most important problem when a chain of treatments didn't run normally,
is to be informed about the failure, to react as quickly as possible.

Of course we could receive a mail notification set in your job sending an alert to you.
This considers that you need to have a mail server, and to access on it from outside.

But here is a new possibility. Based on APS Manager for Control-M, that web solution,
will offer to present an RSS feed readable from all devices, just using an HTTP access on it.

How ???

1 - Considering APS Manager is installed and HTTP port accessible, APS Manager is reading
continiously information from Control-M AJF.

2 - Creating a Filter, you could decide Application, Group, a job you want to display

3 - going to QuickView, you will have an RSS button, providing to you an URL ready to be copied and used
thru your RSS reader, on your Browser, Email client (Outlook), Mobile, Smartphone, etc...