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APS|Manager for Control-M 3.8 is here

Posted: 19 Aug 2016 11:44
by fyot
APS|Manager for Control-M 3.8

APS Manager for Control-M 3.8 web based job level monitoring, operating and administration for Control-M experts, provides unique capabilities for Control-M experts and self-service business users to securely monitor, operate and administer Control-M for Distributed Systems via an intuitive web interface. APS Manager is priced attractively, with no limitations on the number of jobs executed in Control-M or the number of users utilizing APS Manager for Control-M.

APS Manager for Control-M 3.8 comes with significant enhancements:

Easy access to the different Views:

When launching APS Manager, the default landing page is the new global view.
From here your users have easy access to the most commonly used views:
Active View, AlarmView, CalView, DefView, QuickView and Service View.

User Interface:

The user interface has been improved in many areas and can now be easily adopted to individual needs.
For Example:
Users can decide which predefined filter is active when launching the DefView or ActiveView.
Alternatively, individual filter criteria can be specified as part of the launch process.


High-quality flowcharting capabilities have been added to the web-based monitoring functions of APS Manager. Users can gain an
immediate understanding of the dependency structure of active Control-M jobs and applications.
The flowcharts can also be downloaded / exported.

Embedded Database:

APS Manger for Control-M now comes with an embedded PostgreSQL database.
This improves the performance, especially for larger environments, significantly.

More Installation Options:

The different components of APS Manager for Control-M (e.g. data collectors, database and web interface),
can now be installed on multiple servers, so it can scale to even the largest enterprise environment.

For more information, please refer to aps-manager-for-control-m/.

APS|Manager for Control-M 3.8.2 available

Posted: 22 Jul 2017 10:21
by fyot

New Release 3.8.2 is arrived !
In this new release 3.8.2 of aps manager, we have further enhanced the functionality and fixed some issues:

- Support of Control-M 9 environments, including POOLNAMED management
- Improved synchronization between Control-M and aps manager
- Improvements in the aps manager Active View concerning deleted jobs, while using the TreeView layout
- Browsers in general have problems displaying very large flowcharts. If a generated flowchart is exceeding the size of 2MB,
the user has now the option to download the generated flowchart and view it via an external, more capable viewer
- The sendmail function in the report utility has been enhanced,
- Report has been improved sending HTML contains in the email's body.
- User Groups management has been added.
- New File View module added to follow files transfered with Control Module MFT (new AFT)

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