APS Manager for Control-M 3.00

Web client to manage Control-M jobs from Enterprise Manager and Control-M servers.
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APS Manager for Control-M 3.00

Post by fyot » 25 Apr 2013 12:45


A new release of APS Manager for Control-M 3.00, is available now.
Improving performance and security access to provide a way to follow AJF from EM database using a web client.

Providing RSS feeds bases on AJF job list, Alarms, depending on filters.

APSREPORT, an external utility could be used to generate reports or csv files automatically, based on control-m job list, or alarms, ready to be saved or to be sent to several users by mail.

New APS Manager architecture changed giving choice to install APS Manager on a Control-M server to access on it using HTTP or HTTPS.
Or to access directly from APS Manager Console server using SSH protocol.

Login access using LDAP authentication.

APS Manager is able to manage Control-M server from 6.0 to the last version 8.0.

If you want to see more about the product, go to http://www.apsware.com

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