Pass variable to z/os job from unix

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Pass variable to z/os job from unix

Post by pbabka » 02 Oct 2008 2:15


Which is the best way if I would like to pass parameters from unix to a z/os job?

Could I set a z/os control-m variable using any EM utility as I can do it with the ctmvar in case of control-m for unix?


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Post by ranger67 » 02 Oct 2008 4:17

Currently, there is no good way to pass variables between datacenters. CTMVAR, which you mentioned below, is a datacenter utility, and is unavailable at the EM level.

I have been working with Control-M for 10+ years and this has been a shortcoming of the product since the day I started working with it. BMC, and New Dimensions before them, are aware of this and seem to never do anything about it. I know it's on the wish request list, and with every version that emerges I hope that it will be addressed.

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Post by mauriziog » 21 Oct 2008 5:38

I pass variables from open (unix or windows servers) to MVS server using the "%%LIBMEMSYSM".
In short:
LIBMEMSYSM load variables from a txt file.
So you can write the file in unix server, trasfer the file to MVS server (normal FTP or CM for AFT job) and there all the job that loads that file have the values writed by unix.

Is also possible to do viceversa, but I have a different method from MVS to open...

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