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How to automate a job which waits for a file to run

Posted: 20 Jan 2012 3:35
by furkhan
Hi all,

I have a job running under CTM which is manually run after a particular file is put in the right place.
This job doesn't actually use the file but plainly triggers another stream run.
The dependencies of this file is none, as in it is not used anywhere else in the system.

Is there a way in CTM to automate this process? if i can tell the job to wait for the file and run as soon as i get the file?

how can i use file watcher to do this task?

note : the job may require to be run with the same file name but different or more data many number of times in a month.

PS: i'm quite new to this.

Posted: 28 Jan 2012 12:07
by markf
Use he File Watcher like so -

ctmfw /FILE_PATH/FILE_NAME.txt CREATE 0 60 10 5 1435

make the second job dependent on this. Usually this job will produce a COMPSTAT=7 if it times out waiting for the file, so you have to add a DO OK and delete of the output condition to the steps tab.

If you make the job cyclic then you will have everything covered (remember that the trigger file will need deleting).