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remote host

Posted: 23 Jun 2009 4:10
by fabiana
use the CONTROLM 6.4 and not run sql through shell access to remote host, see the support here and unix, he saw this type of error in another tool (the competitor CTRLM) it says that we need use parameter to SSH to ignore this for a 'not allocate TTY'.

see that access to remote host shell works, but when we run a sql it gives the error:
ORACLE error number: -12203
ORA-12203: (CNCT err, can not get err txt. Servr See Msgs Manu & Codes

The variables of the scripts are all setadas correctly and shows only this error occurs when the start of the remote host controlm.

Best regards, Fabi

Posted: 30 Jun 2009 4:18
by GNappo
Usually ORA-12203 are coused by invalid TNS address supplied or destination is not listening. This error can also occur because of underlying network transport problems.

Action: Verify that the service name you entered on the command line was correct. Ensure that the listener is running at the remote node and that the ADDRESS parameters specified in TNSNAMES.ORA are correct. Finally, check that all Interchanges needed to make the connection are up and running.

Best Regards


Posted: 01 Jul 2009 3:40
by philmalmaison
do you have an oracle client on the remote host *?