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Post by rdierk » 22 Sep 2007 2:45

We are looking to purchase BIM and FORECAST for our CONTROL-M installation, but have found them to be quite pricey. The VISUALJobs is a forecasting tool that appears to offer more functionality and reporting than BMC FORECAST at a fraction of the cost.

Does anyone know of a third party provider that offers an alternative to BIM?

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Post by fyot » 22 Sep 2007 4:20

Hi rdierk,

BIM functionnalities are very simple.
Regarding you are able to know critical path for your chain, you must declare BIM job at the beginning of your chain and another at the end.

BIM web interface give you some information, status, using statistics data from Control-M Server, concerning that chain.

BIM could be use like a monitoring for several Application.

So VISUALJob, using GANTT Diagram from Control-M jobs definition and Control-M logs, is able to calculate automatically the critical path, and give you some functionalities to simulate how some changes in your chain could increase its performance.

Unfortunately, VisualJobs could not be able to monitor Application.
So it's very simple to build a Web interface to follow your chains (see download part or Reporting Forum)

Concerning FORECAST now, you are totally right, VISUALJobs offer more functionnalities than Control-M Forecast.

VISUALJobs is abssolutely a very good add-on to Control-M.

I don't know other serious tools able to replace BIM or FORECAST or VISULAJobs.

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