BIM Job ended NOTOK

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BIM Job ended NOTOK

Post by Scalap » 19 Dec 2012 9:15

Hello all,

I have some BIM Jobs ended NOTOK at the end of the monitored Service sequence.

Monitored jobs are OK, but, the BIM Job is not.
Agent log :
18/12/2012 17:38:56 TR5080 FAILED TO SUBMIT JOB NOT_IN_USE. Message from Agent follows
18/12/2012 17:38:56 TR5167 Filename or path: "NOT_IN_USE\NOT_IN_USE" not found.

I use the CONTROL-M BIM job type, so i could not need to use the fields "Field name" and "Filed Patch"

Control-M Server version : 7

The issue is not generic because i have other BIM Jobs without any error message from agent log AND with the same definition that i explain there.

Thanks for your help

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Post by GrahamH » 28 Dec 2012 10:30


By default, in V7, a BIM job is created as a job type JOB. I suspect this is your problem as this will expect a filename and filepath.

Best Practice is to create BIM jobs with a tasktype of DUMMY

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Impact Manager

Post by Itatoncework » 29 Dec 2012 1:05

Thanks for sharing this awesome topic to us.

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Post by Scalap » 04 Jan 2013 4:28


I found the cause before reading your answer.
I confirm : a BIM Job should be a DUMMY task

Thank's for your help

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