Post Processing Late Sub Timing

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Post Processing Late Sub Timing

Post by Frances » 31 Oct 2011 1:38

Hello All,

I have a job that is ordered out (our New day is 9am) on Friday’s but doesn’t start running until sometime around midnight and 9am on Saturday. The request is to have a shout sent if the job hasn’t started processing by 10am on Saturday.Since this is technically the following New Day is there any way I can have a Late Sub shout?

Currently, If I try to use Late Sub as 10:00am it sends a shout an hour after New Day at 9am. I need it to send that at 10am the following day. I looked into the User Manual and saw something about “Days Offset” but didn’t understand the description or how to use it.


Thank you,

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Re: Post Processing Late Sub Timing

Post by gopir1 » 06 May 2015 8:02

How did you send mail through Late Sub. I am trying but it is not working for me. If you explain in detail, it will be helpful for me

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