How to use Control-mUsage script with IIS Web server

Several scripts
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How to use scheduler-usage script with IIS Web server

Post by fyot » 20 Jan 2006 2:42

Some scripts existing on that site has been write in php language.
They could be executed on a PHP Server like Easyphp or with IIS Server including PHP module.

This is a quick procedure to use them on a IIS Server

After IIS Server installation :
- Install your Dataserver Client for Sybase or Oracle
- Install ODBC Driver for your dataserver
- Install PHP 5.1.2 module for IIS
- Create DSN System entry like that :


- Copy scheduler-usage script in the IIS web path.
Normally in x:\Inetpub\www
- Modify your own variables in script, like that example :

# Your environnment
$URL = "http://website"; // your intranet
$PAGENAME = "script.php";
$DSN_dsn= "EM-DATABASE"; // change by your own name
$DSN_uid="em-login"; // change by your own login
$DSN_pwd="em_password"; // change by your own password

And try it

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