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by DreamBig
30 Jan 2019 7:59
Forum: Control-M Agents
Topic: FDATE Utililty
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FDATE Utililty

Hi guys, Can any of you enlighten me on a small issue i have with ctm jobs not ending correctly. For example i have a job that calls a script using the fdate utlity, basically each day we have a ctm job that creates a folder with a date stamp for that day then a following job populates that folder w...
by DreamBig
30 Jan 2019 12:59
Forum: Control-M Server
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We can send emails via Control-M to the defined/default MS exchange server but we need to send an email to an address on a specific SMTP server.
Anyone out there know how to specify a specific SMTP server IP address in the Shout Destination Table?
by DreamBig
30 Jan 2019 12:42
Forum: Control-M Server
Topic: Cyclic Jobs. Is there a max run no
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Cyclic Jobs. Is there a max run no

I have a job that will need to run every 5 mins almost all day.

Is there a limit to the number of times a job can run without breaking.

If I need to break it up into two or three consecutive jobs, say 200 each, I can do that.

Anyone know for sure?
by DreamBig
30 Jan 2019 12:27
Forum: Control-M Server
Topic: Doubt
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Hi Chaps,
Can we assign an Environmetal variable to a Global variable in Control-M?
by DreamBig
28 Jan 2019 2:15
Forum: Exploitation / Operation
Topic: Coding Shout
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Coding Shout

When Coding a shout - LATESUB is the correct coding




I've seen both codings and want to know what coding is actually correct.
by DreamBig
28 Jan 2019 12:00
Forum: Control-M Enterprise Manager
Topic: How to modify the parameters of a particular group of jobs
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How to modify the parameters of a particular group of jobs

This question is regarding the Control-M EM / Desktop I have a table of jobs setup. Suppose i have two groups of jobs in this table and i want to change say the table name of all the jobs in only group. now the mass update command would change all the jobs in the table. How do i change the parameter...