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by avaidya10
20 May 2011 10:07
Forum: Exploitation / Operation
Topic: limit number of jobs that order onto the AJF
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If there was a way BMC would have used it to prevent licensing abuse. but you create a custom user daily script to order 1 table at a time. after every table is ordered check the job count using SQL against AJF and if the count is under the allowed maximum order the next table .. so and and so forth...
by avaidya10
20 May 2011 10:01
Forum: Exploitation / Operation
Topic: Blackout in newday process
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use several userdaily jobs through out day

if you have large number of jobs have few more userdaily jobs. for example 8amload, 10amload etc
by avaidya10
20 May 2011 9:54
Forum: Scripts
Topic: Is there a script to reppoint Control-M unix agents
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no script needed if you are usingf one server at a time.

have both servers as authorized server in the config.dat or set it with command line. you must not have both server submit jobs. you should hold or remove all jobs form one server while runing jobs from teh other server. but you should realy install 2 agents if you are frequetly runing jobs from bot...
by avaidya10
20 May 2011 9:45
Forum: Job Definition
Topic: getting environment variable with %%GETENV
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GETENV is useless

what is purpose of getenv!!!! if i really wantd a varible i can just create a libmemsym. i really dont see how getenv helps...
by avaidya10
08 Jul 2010 11:19
Forum: Exploitation / Operation
Topic: Mail with attachement
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try blat.exe
by avaidya10
08 Jul 2010 11:02
Forum: Exploitation / Operation
Topic: Dependency between Monthly jobs and Daily jobs
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use group job defination for all the jobs. it seems like you know the answers. how to defina a group table and jobs hummm that should be straigh forwards. you son't have to use tags unlesss you want to. be sure to chose adjust condition to yes. other work around to have a dummy job posting all 50 co...
by avaidya10
08 Jul 2010 10:55
Forum: Batch Impact Manager
Topic: To send alert to more email IDs
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use set tab to define varible which can contain straings of user ids.
i used this method in the past but not for BIM try it it should still be good.
by avaidya10
08 Jul 2010 10:53
Forum: Batch Impact Manager
Topic: CONTROL-M/CM for AFT ***Urgent Info Needed***
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just install it... ona QA server.. i think FTP CM is independent of the OS and should work fine on VME
by avaidya10
08 Jul 2010 10:51
Forum: Batch Impact Manager
Topic: Audit the draft
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why is this in batch impact section.. anyways you can use job list view and export the file to excel or csv. once you have that you can run a script or visually verify the jobs.
by avaidya10
07 Jun 2007 5:20
Forum: Control-M Enterprise Manager
Topic: Dynamic filter
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Dynamic is the key word !!

It's dynamic meaning not saved any where.
if you need a filter you can use over and over just create a standard filter.
dynamic filter does keep it's setting until you chage your criteria.