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by blueskydiver76
25 Jan 2010 7:44
Forum: Scripts
Topic: Sysout error message table
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The sysouts are typically stored in sysout directory in the install path of the agent as text files. i.e /home/ctm/agent/sysout
by blueskydiver76
05 Aug 2009 4:15
Forum: Monitoring
Topic: Can ctm monitor an email inbox?
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Can ctm monitor an email inbox?

I know CTM can monitor messages in JMS or WSMQ but can it take action based on emails sent to an inbox or to CTM itself?

by blueskydiver76
04 Aug 2009 7:56
Forum: Control-M Agents
Topic: Using Control-M AFT to connecto HTTPS site
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I am also interested in this solution. I have been searching for a while with no success.