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p_ctmam large memory & CPU consumption
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Author:  ThePirate [ 29 Aug 2014 8:56 ]
Post subject:  p_ctmam large memory & CPU consumption

I have a server that is used exclusively for the CM for AFT and the p_ctmam process is consuming large amounts of memory and CPU. In order to clear the memory and reset the CPU I have to kill the process in the task manager. I have opened a ticket with BMC to resolve but was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the issue. On this server I am using Agent version and AFT version Thank you!

Author:  hazier [ 23 Oct 2014 9:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: p_ctmam large memory & CPU consumption

Hi ThePirate,

I too have encountered the same issue and had to end the ctmam.exe process . This spawned up another instance and slowly but surely the memory crept up again. We are also running Agent 8.0..00.200 and AFT

Did you have any luck with the issue raised to BMC ?



Author:  ThePirate [ 23 Oct 2014 1:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: p_ctmam large memory & CPU consumption

BMC provided a Patch that resolved the issue. Open a ticket with them and see if you can also obtain the patch before the official patch is released. My issue number is ISS04349038. Below are my install instructions but I can't provide the new dll file as it is not released yet. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Our Development examined the logs in detail and recommended we apply the attached restricted patch per the following instructions:

1. Make sure no jobs are running on the Agent
2. Stop the Control-M Agent service
3. If the Agent version is 800 Fixpack 2 and above, open task manager and kill the p_ctmam.exe process.
4. IMPORTANT!!! - Backup the FILE_TRANS.dll located in <Agent dir\cm\AFT\exe
5. Place the new FILE_TRANS.dll in <Agent dir\cm\AFT\exe
6. Open a CMD window and run the command: ctmdllver, make sure that one of the lines show the exact text below:
"CM for AFT dll version 7.0.00 FP1 + ML Diagnostic Patch *** cm_ftp#Baseline_AFT700 + Folder 3037 + Task 32687 + Task 32952 - Wed Aug 6 14:00:00 2014"
7. Start the Control-M Agent

Author:  hazier [ 24 Oct 2014 7:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: p_ctmam large memory & CPU consumption

Thanks for your response again & useful notes.

I've raised an Issue with BMC and we're investigating to make sure it's the same root cause.


Author:  ThePirate [ 24 Oct 2014 7:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: p_ctmam large memory & CPU consumption

Yesterday they sent me an unofficial Patch that addresses a number of issues with AFT called PAAFT. and the readme file contents are below.

Smart# : PAAFT.
Product Name : Control-M/CM for Advanced File Transfer
Version :
Type : Restricted Patch
Platforms : All supported platforms
Prerequisite Version : PAAFT.
Cumulative : Yes
Files in this fix : README_PAAFT.
PAAFT.<windows platform>.exe
PAAFT.<Unix platform>_INSTALL.BIN

Note: This is a controlled availability patch. This point patch went through a limited QA process to verify that it corrects the defect only. We recommend verifying the patch before it goes to production.

Corrected problems in this patch,
1. CAR00040945 - Ability to fail AFT job if action on source file after successful transfer failed
Important: To allow a transfer to fail if action on source file after successful transfer failed add the AutoEdit AFT_SRC_ACT_FAIL with value Y in the SET tab of the job

2. CAR00047837 - Allow a retry mechanism for actions on source and destination file after a successful transfer in case of action failure.

Description of the parameters:
a. ACTION_NUM_RETRIES: When value is bigger than zero actions on source and/or destination file after successful transfer will be retried in case of failure,
the retry value will determine the number of retries after the failure.

b. ACTION_RETRY_INTERVAL: Sets the interval in seconds between retries on the actions on source file and/or destination file after successful transfer.

3. CAR00047994 - Agent listener restarts when AFT job is running on a Node Group and refreshing AFT Transfer status in EM.

4. CAR00047862 - AFT File Watcher job is failing when the FTP Server replies with "450 Non-existing file" when the file does not exist

5. CAR00048032 - Control-M agent might terminate unexpectedly when running AFT File Watcher transfer and using File Age parameters.

6. CAR00048010 - Agent listener restarts and AFT Account list in CCM cannot be displayed when AFT SSH keys directory contains many keys

7. CAR00042191 - Control-M agent might terminate unexpectedly and CCM client hangs with Timeout when "Get Home Directory" button is pressed in the CM for AFT account definition for SSH connection

8. CAR00048188 - AFT Account validation fails when Agent Foreign Language Support is set to CJK and no language is set in the Language field in the AFT account

9. CAR00048555 - Sysout move action fails with "invalid cross-device link" error in AFT job when moving the sysout to different file system on Unix.
Important: Add the following parameter and value to <Agent root dir>/ctm/data/FILE_TRNAS.dat: SYSOUT_COPY_DELETE Y

10. CAR00048843 - Get home directory action fails in AFT Account Management CCM plug-in

11. CAR00049134 - Transfer speed of files in Control-M for Advanced File Transfer is significantly slower than Open SSH client when using the SFTP protocol

12. CAR00049265 - Password might be revealed in Control-M for Advanced File Transfer job SYSOUT when using FTP or FTP over SSL protocols and the server in rare occasions replies with an invalid reply code to the PASS command

13. CAR00049290 - Control-M for Advanced file transfer job ends OK even if the transfer has failed due to a wrong destination path.

14. CAR00050179 - Control-M for Advanced File Transfer SSL jobs fails on Windows when many SSL jobs are submitted at the same time.

15. CAR00046742 - AFT job fails and might cause the Agent to terminate unexpectedly when using SSL connection and the Server sends an 2048 bits certificate.
This patch adds support for 4K SSL keys and SSLv3 ciphers.
To enable SSLv3 ciphers:
1. Edit the file aft.plc located in <agnet dir>/cm/AFT/data/SSL/cert
2. Locate the line: provider_options=SSLProtocol=TLS1
3. Replace the value TLS1 with SSLv3

16. CAR00049637 - p_ctmag process consumes a large amount of memory when running Control-M for Advanced transfer SFTP jobs

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