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Author:  ayanendu_de [ 29 Oct 2012 2:36 ]
Post subject:  Load balancing


I have a node group with 2 nodes. Can I control how many maximum jobs each node can accommodate. Say, I want to limit number of jobs spawned into each node to 50. Where can I define that?


Author:  ayanendu_de [ 29 Oct 2012 2:48 ]
Post subject:  load balancing

This can be done with quant resource definition.

Is there any other option what can be set while configuring node? So that after the limit is reached per node, the job will go to waiting for resource status (resource = node).

Author:  mauriziog [ 05 Nov 2012 9:12 ]
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The Load Balancing configuration has some points to follow for the implementation, and in not so simple to explicate here...

You must:
- define a nodegroup
- define a quantitative resurce related to the different nodes
- use the utility ctmloadset in the right manner to put the corresponding resource to the effective value.
- from version 7.0 there are also the "node restrictions" defined in the CCM...

In fact the load-balancing algorithm uses the data recorded in the Quantitative Resources table to determine to which agent computer a job should be submitted.

Details can be found in the "user Guide" + "Utility Guide" and "administering Guide".

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