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Ctm M Enterprise manager Client 7.0.00 installation issue
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Author:  INDy2k [ 07 Nov 2013 8:32 ]
Post subject:  Ctm M Enterprise manager Client 7.0.00 installation issue

Dear All,
When I'm trying to install Control M/Enterprise manager Client 7.0.00 in my desktop - I'm facing the following issue

I've selected Default setting for Control-M 7.0.00 & in Control M specific component I selected Control M/Enterprise manager Client 7.0.00

Now I give the Control M service host name: Dev-ctm-2
Naming service port number : 50002
But when I test I get 'Host Dev-ctm-2 is not availble'
ping Dev-ctm-2 & telnet Dev-ctm-2 50002 - both sccessful

I logged on to Dev-ctm-2
From root menu check all I found

Naming Service Daemon Status
Naming Service status: Running on local machine, Dev-ctm-2:50002

Could you please help?

Author:  vassi168 [ 08 Nov 2013 10:37 ]
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Have you check your firewall?

Author:  INDy2k [ 12 Nov 2013 2:53 ]
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Thanks for your reply.
I've tried the following
I ignored the error & complete the installation.
Now when I tried to connect is show possible error as Port 17490 is blocked ( for EM GUI & Desktop) and Port 27080 is blocked ( For config manager).
I talked to network team & they have opened port 17490,27080 bidirectionally from my Desktop to the Control M server.
Now I can open configure manager.
But when I open EM GUI & Desktop - it opens but immediately says 'Control M server unable to detect your system IP - do you want to automatically repair? ' - But I can't repair & make it work.

Now I uninstalled ctm Client & try to install it again.
Still I'm getting 'Host Dev-ctm-2 is not availble' .

Do I need to open any further ports? What other ports I need to open?

My Desktop & Control M server in different VLAN & most of the ports are

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