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Table Name for Table details
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Author:  vamsikumar [ 03 Sep 2013 7:17 ]
Post subject:  Table Name for Table details

Hi All,

Can someone help me by providing the table name in database which contains details of all control M tables which exists in desktop with respective user daily.

Thanks in Advance!
Vamsi Kumar

Author:  jobschubse [ 09 Sep 2013 12:10 ]
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i think it is the DEF_TABLES_AND_JOBS table.

Try this ....
select DATA_CENTER,APPLICATION,JOB_NAME,user_daily from DEF_TABLES_AND_JOBS where user_daily = 'SYSTEM';


Author:  gglau [ 11 Sep 2013 4:24 ]
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When the display is in table format, you can export the table to Excel or CSV. Simply go to Table Manager to export the list, and manipulate data within Excel.

Author:  vamsikumar [ 12 Sep 2013 7:59 ]
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Thanks everyone for your responses.

But I was not able to find the above mentioned table in my database.

After my analysis, I got the table name and Finally used below query.



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