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Set-up 2 Control M servers in same Physical Server (Linux)
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Author:  INDy2k [ 23 Jul 2013 7:31 ]
Post subject:  Set-up 2 Control M servers in same Physical Server (Linux)

Hi Friends,
We have Control M/EM , Control M/Server & Control M/Agent in a single physical server - with different user account (Linux).

Now we are going to install another Control M server in the same physical server with different user id.
What I need to do to ensure that the new Control M server will not conflict with the existing control M server? Do I need to mention different ports? Where I can /should mention same port as already existing Control M server?

Author:  cjdesch [ 23 Jul 2013 10:13 ]
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You'll need a different accounts and different ports. That is about it.

Make sure the server can handle that kind of load also.

Author:  Manii [ 24 Jul 2013 6:22 ]
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You need to have a space around 10GB ( ideally) actual installation required less than this

Also you need to check port availability , however when you install the new instance it will automatically display available port .

We are running 4 environment in one physical server and does not face any issue

Note : make sure that firewall is not blocking any port which is used
also connect one control-M agent to only one Control_m server otherwise it will corrupt the agent config.dat which result in impact on production.

Author:  INDy2k [ 25 Jul 2013 9:17 ]
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Thanks Manii , cjdesch
I still have one doubt - we already have default port set for ctm/em-server & server to ctm/em (7005,7006) --- should I keep them 7005,7006 only -- or need to change (7007,7008 ) --will it work if I change it?

Also if I try to create new gateway - it automatically select Control M ID: 002 -- is that because I already have one server & it's going to be 2nd server? - or I need to change it to 003?

Author:  markf [ 26 Jul 2013 1:26 ]
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You only need to make the second value unique, i.e. 7005 & 7007 (instead of the defaults 7005 & 7006). You'll also need to change the EM port from 13075 (simply move it on to 13076).

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