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Control M - Job "LoadBalancing"
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Author:  nekokarma [ 24 Aug 2015 11:14 ]
Post subject:  Control M - Job "LoadBalancing"


Im kind of new to control-M, and im still learning its basics, so thanks for your patience :)

Im trying to do this:



All jobs (1 trough 4) take a random amount of time to complete.

what i want to do, is that when masterjob runs, and find a specific condition (return code 222), it starts Job1.
On the second time it finds the condition, it starts Job2
and so on.

All this is to have 4 threads processing information.

From my test, I manage to start JOB1 after Masterjobs finds the specific condition, but i havent found the way to start Job 2.

I appreciate any input you guys can give me.

Federico Chaves

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