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Author:  Gopikkd [ 08 Jan 2014 9:41 ]
Post subject:  Node Group

Hello All,

Can anyone tell me about the Nodegroup in Control-M.
Why we need this option in Control-M?


Author:  Manii [ 08 Jan 2014 7:33 ]
Post subject: 

Hi Gopi,

Node groups are for load balancing .
You can define nodes/agent server under a node group for same application .
by doing this you are balancing load on one server .

also in CTM V7 you can define node restriction under a node such as CPU usage and Number of concurrent execution on node for better efficiency and performance.

apart from this if you are using node group in job definition and your agent host name changed then you need to update this only in node group instead of updating in all job definition.

Hope this help you


Author:  Gopikkd [ 02 Nov 2015 10:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Node Group

Thanks Mani.

Is it possible to restrict the jobs to submit only on 1 Node in the Node group.(Control-M V7)

For Ex:- ISTSG_Q_DB has 2 Nodes
But jobs should submit only on Node 1 always
If any problem with Node 1, only that time it should run on Node 2.

Author:  Moti_reshef [ 30 Dec 2015 4:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Node Group

In addition, whenever using nodegroups you may decide if you wish that the job will run on all hosts in that nodegroup (by selecting the multiple agents checkbox), which is a nice feature.

saying that, whenever using a nodegroup as a host, the CTM will use a round-robin mechanism for submitting the job to the list of Agents resides in the nodegroup list.

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