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Ranqian is the most prestigious female anchor in journalism, cheap authentic jerseys,she was born a son and a daughter, daughter and son to become a music producer and singer.

Car Well Shiodome Health and a pair of twin sons and a daughter, two sons fell in love with racing, daughter enjoys writing, and later became a writer.

Of course, in the of Ge Feng legendary life, definitely more than five women, and a lot of the best beauty he had an affair, but home to marry, but five women.

This is our hero, a stadium on the absolute king of a perfect golf course leader, the absolute ruler of the game, of a matter of life and death terrorist assassin, life, is also a disadvantage of men.

At the very least, he and woman is not ascetic, but not melodramatic, with his combination of women, are for some special feelings.

This is a dream, a part of the Chinese basketball dream.

In this dream, you can find what you want, if you like basketball, if you like basketball novel, the characters in the book, I hope to bring you some of the different things.


The whole of this, and finally the whole of this.

Chapter a slap in the face

[Ai God book upload novelty the Old book club and nurturing! The book already signed, please rest assured collection! Please support Ai God! 】

Los Angeles, the weather has been gradually dark down Linfei weakly walking on the road.

"**, Caucasian necessary than others do? Authentic nfl jerseys,Why I resigned!"

Lin Fei, a Chinese American, Chinese Street Hospital was born in Los Angeles of the 1988's Christmas night, ten years old when the parents accidents car accident death left his people, heritage is a one-room and two living rooms, a small house and a little money. Year-old was living to feed after graduating from high school did not continue school but chose to wage!

Unfortunately he was excused, the reason is very simple, he a white colleagues with their feet stumble led to complaints from guests in the restaurants serve later, the boss left whites expelled him.

"In front of the guy, trouble, and so on ...... and so on ......"

He feels himself behind came a burst of rapid footsteps.

"Guy? Called I Do?"

To know that this year will be called handsome head to eighty old man to eight years old kid actor.

"Do not be ashamed, I still walk my way!"

Footsteps did not stop, but can not help but slow down some.

Obviously, Ah this guy is looking forward to sentence dudes called him after all the hearts of everyone has a handsome beautiful dream, not to mention he thinks some Xiaoshuai or long.


"It told me to!"

Linfei mind a little complacent Although the title of the guy is not worth the money, but still have some feel good!

Looked bent over in front of whites, and his hands and knees, panting, Lin Fei was curious why call yourself, do what.

When immediate whites straightened itself raised his head, nike nfl jerseys,subconsciously think of a word - liar!

Dressed in a suit and tie, the hair apparently Maguo things, small eyes, and his the fairly tall figure combinations together obviously do not deserve, the twinkle in his eyes shine, but Lin Fei always felt like a prey, covered chilly.

Frowned, immediately increased vigilance, "What happened?"

Yellow complexion, about six feet eight inches tall, exposed arm muscles, mental angular, short hair, the most critical, there is a young and some fairly handsome face. Completely over the role requirements!


Can not help but run out from Scott's generous lips.

Burning eyes, Lin Fei whole body feel even worse.

"This guy will not be glass, right? Not be such a bad luck now!"

"Excuse me, I see Mr. Your body is perfect, we just need a yellow man's role, so I would like to invite you to join our large shot."


To know that does not lack in Los Angeles, Actor, Screen Actors Guild so many actors, it is my turn?

"I'm sorry, I'm not interested!"

This trick can fool me a liar.

"No, no, Mr. You see you so handsome of face, body and stick, just born for show business and students of, I now just anxious to shoot a yellow kinds of people the scenes, the original that star temporary emergency, so need a yellow man replace him, nfl jerseys wholesale,to know the crew will not easily substitutions, and the opportunity in front of you, why not reach out and grab it not shooting a loss, you want to know the opportunities lost will not come back, think about how much star is from a stand-in ...

At the moment Linfei feeling does not become world class superstar loss.

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