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Job Host and user as a variable ?
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Author:  Chico008 [ 27 Feb 2019 1:47 ]
Post subject:  Job Host and user as a variable ?


I managed to use some variable from smart folder to be user as a parameter for my scripts
but, i also wanted to use variable to username (Run As) and server (host)

When i'm creating a job,
- i can put a variable as a user, but doesn't seems to be evaluated when the job is submit, because controlM want to launche the job with user %%user :/
- can't put a variable in host/host group

Anyway to do theses things ?
(i managed to put a variable in file path, works fine)

The main result is:
i want a smart folder, manually ordered, with 3 parameters (user, server and a parameter) so the folder can be launch to be run on 3 different servers (having the same path/scripts/userlike)

Thanks for your help

Author:  fyot [ 02 Mar 2019 9:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Job Host and user as a variable ?


Owner and host fields don't accept variables.
But, if you create job dynamically using ctmcreate for instance, you can fill it with information you want.

Have a look to ctmdefine, ctmcreate and ctmorder.

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