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Formating of Jobs in Version 8.0
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Author:  Banshee06 [ 29 May 2014 5:46 ]
Post subject:  Formating of Jobs in Version 8.0

Does any know if we can change the alignment of jobs like in previous versions? You used to be able to align left, center or right on the flow of jobs. In this new version there is no option to do that.
Also when you select a view for instance to see the jobs flow is there no way to save that so each time you dont have to go back and choose the view again?

Author:  ryanS27 [ 30 May 2014 9:03 ]
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no idea about the alignment, never tried but definitely you can save your workspace to check the same set of jobs again you have loaded previously

Author:  philmalmaison [ 30 May 2014 5:30 ]
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Hi I think you can do it in File/Options/Monitoring ?


Author:  Admin007 [ 24 Jun 2014 4:14 ]
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I no longer see the option for job alignments in WLA 8. I also checked File > Options > Monitoring and it no longer exists there.

I am running EM FP3 so I have the latest Host/Clients

Author:  Janctm [ 27 Jun 2014 2:01 ]
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We have make a request for Enhancement for Control-M v8.
Do you recognize this problem we have?

Below the request we have send to BMC:
For our Control-M environment we make use of smart tables. What we need is the same look for presentation of the dependencies in the workflow in the Control-M planning, as it was in previous Control-M versions in the Control-M Desktop.

In Control-M version 8 it is now presented in alphabetical order.

It is impossible to see any relationship between the smart tables. In version 6 & 7 it is easy to insert a table between two other tables, because you can see the relationship. In version 8 this is almost impossible and takes a lot of time.

Author:  jstarkw [ 08 Jul 2014 8:30 ]
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Hi, EM Fixpack 3 in version 8 fixed the monitor view to be arranged more like 6.4.

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