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control-M desktop vs EM
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Author:  JoanLang [ 18 Sep 2013 5:59 ]
Post subject:  control-M desktop vs EM

I have modified the groups and in the desktop manager. Some of the tables I renamed and put jobs under the new name. The problem is the EM keeps loading the old table and then the new one. If I look at the data in the desktop the old tables do not exist.

How do I stop the EM from rescheduling the old tables?

Basically it is so bad I just want to reset EM
Have EM load what is in the Desktop
How to I get EM reloaded with what I want in the Desktop

Thanks for your help

Author:  rulfete [ 19 Sep 2013 9:50 ]
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It's possible that you deleted the old table in "Local" instead of "Remote + Local", so your old table continues in Control-M/Server Database but it's not in Control-M/EM Database.

If your old table doesn't exist, create a job, with schedtab like old table, do Write table, and then do Download from Table Manager. After this, all these jobs will be in your old table and you could do "Delete Remote + Local".

Author:  JoanLang [ 20 Sep 2013 9:38 ]
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Thanks for your reply. I have created SmartTables like the ones lost in space and have done Write / download / Delete R-L.

I verified they don't exist by doing a write and then download.
Says they don't exist.

Will see after tomorrows reload.

Thanks for your help.

Author:  jCarlos [ 18 Feb 2014 1:34 ]
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if you change the tables's names you have to write them to the enterprise manager and then upload it to the Ct-M/Server, using the table manager you have to set the SYSTEM option to the new one and unset it to the old ones or delete them if you want to.

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