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Cleanup active jobs from last new day procedure
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Author:  pperez [ 20 Jul 2007 3:04 ]
Post subject:  Cleanup active jobs from last new day procedure

Does anyone know how deleted jobs ( no active jobs ) can desapear from enterprise manager? The last New day procedure didn't cleanup jobs that ended o.k. and they still in the enterprise guide.


Author:  sunform2 [ 20 Jul 2007 4:27 ]
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Normaly all the job in status "delete" are remove from the AJF during the New day Procedure.

"Delete" isn't the rigth name to define this status, it's better to say " Choice to be delete during the next New Day Procedure".

If Ended OK jobs don't remove. Check if they are not held. And check the value of Maxwait parameter. For 99 the green jobs are not removed from the AJF.

Author:  Walty [ 23 Jul 2007 11:49 ]
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Have you checked if the <CD log> give you any details in the proclog directory ?


See also Bmc KB solutions SLN000000206134,SLN000000209204


Author:  mauriziog [ 23 Jul 2007 5:53 ]
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Only GREY jobs in the AJF with maxwait parameter 99 isnt removed by ND procedure.
The maxwait is the answer to a question: "how many days the job waits to be executed?", the maxwaits affect in particular GREY jobs. The green jobs are ended ok, and so must be removed from the AJF; remaing only if they are holded.
So follow "Walty" method if jobs ended in the last day are not removed after the ND procedure.

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