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AFT Job fails to run.
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Author:  MaheshDude [ 05 Sep 2013 2:26 ]
Post subject:  AFT Job fails to run.


I am trying to use an AFT ( advanced file Transfer) Control-M job used to tranfer some XXX.meta file from one of the UNIX server to other UNIX server.

But the AFT job is failing immediately as soon as the job triggers in AJF.

JOB LOG says " FAILED TO SUBMIT JOB XXX.meta. Message from Agent follows Failed to Load Back End Name 'FILE_TRANS' "

The same job in Control-M DESKTOP (using 7.0) throws error when i clicked SELECT button in the "FILE_TRANS" tab

Request rejected by data center.

Please let me know what could be the issue here.


Author:  badenhw1 [ 09 Sep 2013 1:31 ]
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The node\node group you selected does not have AFT on it. If you installed AFT on the node be sure to do a ctmgetcm from the CTM Server to "discover" the AFT CM.

Author:  Fifa14Coins [ 22 Jan 2014 9:15 ]
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If you installed AFT on the node be sure to do a ctmgetcm from the CTM

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Author:  hardis [ 29 Jan 2014 3:46 ]
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Author:  Walty [ 30 Jan 2014 1:51 ]
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Check the Node ID/Group field in your job definition, before entering the details in the FILE_TRANS tab. This box must contain your server name where the AFT module is installed.

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