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CONTROL-M Disaster Recovery
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Author:  wolfe [ 11 Jul 2011 2:21 ]
Post subject:  CONTROL-M Disaster Recovery

I am looking to develop a DR procedure for the EM and the Server. I am using CONTROL-M v7 w/ PostgreSQL database. The recovery has to happen within 30 minutes. I am told mirroring is only for high availability and will not work well for disaster recovery. (The DR site is on a different LAN).

Are there replication services provided by BMC for PostgreSQL DB?

Author:  zgross [ 15 Jul 2011 5:36 ]
Post subject: 

PostgreSQL comes with hot back and auto archiving. You can enable archiving and then ship the log files over to the DR site.
In archiving mode all the database transactions are written out to a file and a new file is created every period. If you configure that this period to be 30 minutes then a new archived log file will be created every 30 minutes and then setup a job to move the log file from the production site to the DR site.
On the DR site you can restore the log file as it arrives and system is ready to run. At worst you will have a 30 minute loss of activity.

Author:  wolfe [ 31 Jul 2011 6:06 ]
Post subject:  30 minute lag time?

We are running 40,000 jobs daily, many that load databases and do real time data processing. A 30 minute lag is an unacceptable solution. We need realtime replication at the DR site. If PostgreSQL does not offer this, how can BMC expect users to use this database?

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